About Us

“A new Method of consuming cannabis. A new era of affordable proucts for the everyday person.

About Us

Push Local is a marketing/cannabis company that started in the Home of San Bernardino, CA. A team of Berdo locals had a vision to enter the cannabis field and take the marketing world by storm. In the process of working with clients up and down the coast, along with numerous shops on the east coast, the team decided breaking into the cannabis market was an incredible choice to further the brand of Push Local.

The idea? Push Local products where mom-and-pop shops have a chance in marketing, navigating, and growing in a cannabis field where few own the majority. As minorities ourselves, Push Local is more than a cannabis brand, but a community of people that just so happen to love and appreciate cannabis away from “money-making” standards.

As Push Local grows, we vow to remain close to our roots, give back to others, and most importantly give back to the community. Cannabis shouldn’t be a scary-drug, but a resource that can benefit all!


The mission has always been great. The mission has always been for the people. The mission isn’t to be considered all that important, but something we can all strive for. For years, the founders of Push Local have dived into numerous industries and campaigns hoping to make a difference.

The best a difference can be made is to involve the community. Our mission is to provide value where the everyday person can benefit and share their values with the next person, community, and family. We focus entirely on the consumer and how they consume the positive attributes of their lives. We pride ourselves on being one with the other and sharing this beautiful thing we call life with other cannabis users, but, better yet, those in need.

We promise to donate proceed of every order to local schools and communities in need. Where cannabis is fear is where cannabis can make a difference. It all starts with open arms and a can-do and will-do no matter what attitude. Will you join us? The mission is great. The mission has always been great.

“The mission is Great. The mission has always been great!”