Brand Ambassador Program

Join the largest network of cannabis brands and take your first step in a booming industry in NYC.

Local brand ambassador visiting a licensed cultivation.

The Perks Of Being
A Brand Ambassador

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Ambassador being featured in a local dispensary commercial for YouTube & Instagram.

What Happens After You Apply?

Once you apply your app will be sent to our intake department where an intake representative will review your application and social media channels.

If approved, an account manager will schedule an on-boarding call for proper training and expectation to get you started as an ambassador.

What’s Expected From Ambassadors?

As an ambassador you’ll need to maintain a consistent flow of cannabis related content.

Roll one up, document it, chill out, and be creative.

Don’t overthink the content that you create. Be natural and please…… No posers lol.

Your account manager will coordinate your ambassador bag for you each month.

Inside of that bag you will have free promo product that we will ask you to create content for.

Make sure you’re tagging our brands and following the guidelines that we provide you to ensure the best results!

Apply Today. It’s Free!

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