Premium Network of advertisers

Reach The Biggest Addressable Market

Apply the best technoology in Ad-Tech to offer and measurable engagement accross, web, mobile and CTV for cannabis brands.

You’ve done the hard part of getting a license and establishing your brand.

Let Push Local help you:

Acquire New Customers

Communicate with Existing Customers

Reactivate Legacy Customers

Audience Compliance

Reach only adults 21+ who live in your target market and only reach them “when” they are in your target market.

Creative Compliance

We know what you can and can’t put in your cannabis or CBD creative. 

Our team will ensure your creative meets state specific guidelines. 

Inventory Compliance

We serve on non-cannabis, non-adult publishers. Put your cannabis brand on premium news, entertainment, sports, games and streaming services.

Who we drive success for today!

- Retail Dispensaries

- E-Commerce Sales

- Loyalty Programs

- CRM Digital Remarketing

- Delivery Services

- Event Promotions

- Grand Openings

- Brand Building

What channels we access
Web Display

Banner ads are served when your audience is browsing content on our network of premium non-cannabis publishers. 

Mobile-In App

Reach your audience on top mobile applications . Ads are served on mobile and tablet devices when apps are being used by the consumer.

Connected TV

:15 or :30 video spots served while your target audience streams their favorite shows on smart TV’s, mobile devices, tablets & desktop computers.

Native Display

Serve advertorial type content to your target audeince, integrate your ads directly with content on top web and mobile publishers. 

How Are We Measuring Success?
Site Pixels

Pixels help measure activity on your page after users click our ad. 

Google Analytics

using google analytics to measure traffic, bounce rate, and time on site. 

Push Local Dashboard

Measure standard campaign metrics and KPIs. 

Online Menu Conversion Tracking

We worked with the best menu platforms to create custom tracking. We can measure Total Sales, Proucts Purchased, and Revenue From Ad Spend. 


Simply email us or call us and we can go over your needs. We prefer to have personal conversation. It makes for better results. We can’t wait to hear from you.