Social Media, Ambassador & Giveaway Program

Merge Viral Marketing With Ambassadorship and Giveaways!

Push Local has created the perfect balance in social shares mixed with brand and dispensary deals/products.

This means we generate the everyday consumer into a brand or dispensary sharing conglomerate. We like to call them ambassadors! They promote, share and convert friends and family to your dispensary cause. Have an event and need your client base to promote? They will share their hearts out! Have awesome product in your dispensary or ready for delivery? They help ensure the message is spread to those who aren’t too familiar with your brand.

We focus on creating viral marketing, that way you only have to worry about the operation. We’ll take care of the likes, comments, store visits and more!

Perks of the program

Push Local Comes with ambassadors ready to roll

Our program already has ambassadors in your area. We have hundreds ready to promote your brand/dispensary before we even begin to reach your client base.

Event RSVPs

Our ambassadors participate in event promotions, making any event bigger than the last!


Our team delivers top-tier prosepecting for consumers ready to share your brand. We work around the clock utilizing social media to generate hundreds of new followers, likes, share and better yet, customers.

Social Media Growth By Giveaway

Giveaways are a powerful thing. Most run them, yet we run them differently. We generate up to 75% more traffic per client in social shares, likes, and followers per giveaway via Instagram.

Let's Make it easy. Pick a template and we'll design it with your company in mind!


Simply email us or call us and we can go over your needs. We prefer to have personal conversation. It makes for better results. We can’t wait to hear from you.