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Submit your company info, media kit, slogans, marketing material, etc and our team will add your promo in front of 100,000+ cannabis consumers in NYC.

Our ad network ranges from SMS marketing, E-mail campaigns, in-store retail TV’s, dedicated brand highlight blogs, product reviews, social media posts and private 3rd party advertising networks.

Make sure you send us your entire media kit. If you don’t have one, we recommend that you invest in a media kit for our team to use. Have a crisp logo that isn’t blurry. Send us merch and promo items for us to use for budtenders too! Budtenders are our #1 sales reps in the industry and educating them on your products should come first before anything else. Have a solid online presence, run giveaways with us and provide an awesome backstory about your company for our viewers to have content to consume.

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